Durango Colorado Newborn Jackson

Why is newborn photography important? Why would you not want to capture your new little ones every little detail? People say it all the time… They grow way to fast! I can say from first hand experience with both my littles that it is true. Oh how I wish I had photos like this of mine when they were first born. Of course, I do have photos from my phone that are slightly blurry and not perfect. I do still cherish those and love seeing them. The thing is, I wish I had hired someone to capture this perfect images of my kids with every perfect detail in focus. I wish I had them perfectly bundled up where I could see just how tiny they were in those first few days. Because let’s be real, after I gave birth, the last thing I was thinking about was taking my own kids photos. This is why I do what I do. I want other moms and dads to have these memories. When everything is so chaotic, I want parents to be able to relax and have these moments captured for a lifetime.

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